Specialized Agents

We will match your employees with agents who have specialized training and experience working with corporate clients. These agents understand the challenges of corporate transfers and will work closely with our Relocation Director to ensure a solid transition for you and your employees. These agents are adept at facilitating the moving process, have extensive knowledge to share about specific neighborhoods, and will familiarize your employees with the area in which the company is located as well.

We are happy to host a group presentation to employees who will be moving into our area. As one of the leading real estate companies in St. Louis, we have extensive knowledge to share about the St. Louis area in general, as well as specific areas. Let us help ease the way for your employees by introducing them to the neighborhoods, features and amenities of the town we call home.

Candidate Tours

Should you have employees who are not yet committed to moving to the St. Louis area, but would like to get more familiar with the city, we would be delighted to provide one-on-one tours to show them the types of neighborhoods and properties from which they might choose.

Transferree and New Hire Tours

For transferring and new employees who are also new to the area, we provide more in-depth tours to help them begin to get familiar with the neighborhoods from which they might choose, as well as get a sense of what types of homes would fall within their desired price range. This initial tour will be immensely helpful to them once they begin the search process in earnest. It will also help us to better target homes to show them when they become ready.

Let us take the challenge out of selling an unoccupied home when your corporation purchases an employee’s home in order to sell it as the employee relocates, or simply when an employee moves out of town before their home is sold. We’ll keep a watchful eye on the property and make recommendations for basic maintenance, repairs or improvements, if necessary. If work by an outside contractor is required, we will obtain bids, oversee the work, pay the invoices and bill the appropriate party for reimbursement.

Inventory Management of Homes for Sale

Repairs and Improvements

Once an employee finds a home, they often wish to make repairs and improvements prior to moving to the area. We can facilitate this process through trusted vendors who are familiar with the special challenges and requirements of corporate relocations.


Should your employees be interested in renting -- either temporarily or permanently, we can assist in this process as well through a partner company that provides expert and professional rental assistance.