Real Estate Agent
Alicia began her career in real estate in 1985. Leading up to that, she graduated with her BS in Business Administration from the University of Missouri-St. Louis in 1976. Her next endeavor led her to St. Louis University, where she received her MBA in 1985. That same year she passed her salesperson and broker licenses. Since then, Alicia has been passionate about the various areas of broker responsibility, training agents in the art of buying & selling residential property, assisting in contract negotiation, and advising sellers/agents on the pricing and preparation for the sale of their property. She enjoys studying the current market conditions so she can properly communicate and lead her fellow agents.

Alicia has been married for 41 years to Mr. Wonderful - a “Tierney-at-law.” Together they have parented two great children who now live in London. International travel is an exciting and necessary hobby for her. Alicia is a firm believer in daily exercise of any kind. It is the key to her sanity – verbal sparring does not qualify. She loves the intersection of people, real estate, solving problems, and in the words of a former client, “keeping it real.”
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Alicia Tierney

  • Real Estate Professional
8301 Maryland Avenue
Suite 100 St. Louis, Missouri 63105 United States